Monday, October 22, 2012

أشعار/ poems

This is one of the pieces I started in Ramadan & finished sometime during the following couple if months.

Arabian Nights

There's a lot I didn't get around to posting.
This one is sooo out of the norm, I'm half wondering who painted it.

Pink October

Corny - not cocky- as it may sound, whatever, i really did paint this one for all the ladies out there. Breast cancer awareness was at the back of my mind . That being said I didn't realize it so dramatically charged or so I've been told- first impression on viewing

- really?

* WIP or not, we'll see.

ع البسكيليته / cycling

I started this a while back. And though its just an under painting, I can't get myself 2 touch it, I don't want it ruined. 6ayeb ya setti it's not finished! Does that mean the under painting is the finished painting? ~~> inner intervention, i'm still not sold :/