Sunday, January 06, 2013

Keeping a Journal

So I've gotten into the habit of carrying sketch book/ brush & colors in my purse. Been dabbing in it in my free office time.

Now since I've not done this for over a week, there is a chance I've dropped my new habit/ journal.

Been fun while it lasted ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

أشعار/ poems

This is one of the pieces I started in Ramadan & finished sometime during the following couple if months.

Arabian Nights

There's a lot I didn't get around to posting.
This one is sooo out of the norm, I'm half wondering who painted it.

Pink October

Corny - not cocky- as it may sound, whatever, i really did paint this one for all the ladies out there. Breast cancer awareness was at the back of my mind . That being said I didn't realize it so dramatically charged or so I've been told- first impression on viewing

- really?

* WIP or not, we'll see.

ع البسكيليته / cycling

I started this a while back. And though its just an under painting, I can't get myself 2 touch it, I don't want it ruined. 6ayeb ya setti it's not finished! Does that mean the under painting is the finished painting? ~~> inner intervention, i'm still not sold :/

Saturday, April 02, 2011

waiting terminal

my apologies for not posting in so long.

It seem's like we're always waiting some where for some reason or another, only seemed appropriate to make a waiting painting. ;)

painting is: 30*90 cm

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nighmare on my street

I was doing some contouring, thought i'd add some doodles.
I'm not normally much into this sort of art, but this is a bit of new year resolution. trying
out different types and forms of art. I believe the experience will reflect positively on my art.
ah! this was inspired by a nighmare! hence the crying :p

Saturday, January 01, 2011

but this is cubist

finished this one up last night, drove me crazy, way out of my comfort zone.
im not normally a very disciplined painter, i like having my space and splashing color, so geometry is pulling teeth. this was planned to the tinest detail.

oddly enough, will definatly do more teeth pulling ;)

Monday, December 06, 2010


i thought i'd get my hands wet on my new inks. im becoming quite the fan of gold.

as i ended up liking this piece, i regret not having used proper paper. its plain copy paper.

Im thinking of trying something similar on a large scale... or not! :p

we'll see tomorrow.

* lorca and his gypsy balads.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

twitter art exhibition- Moss Norway

this was really an awesome experience, i loved following davids' step by step updates right up till opening night.

so here's the thing, david's a swedish artist living in moss, norway. David realised the local library is short on children books & so thought up a solution to fund this shortage, a twitter charity art exhibition!

so he sent his tweet/call to artists to participate, and sure enough twittering artists were quick to answer & so postcard paintings start flying in from all over the world. (don't you just love that statue!)

the library was very excited with whole idea, and preped a wall for the exhibition,

Opening night was set for December 2nd, & all paintings price decided @ 32$ each. exhibition will run till the end of january.
opening sales huge success @ over 1400$, so yay i see some new children books in the horizon.

exhibition was called "140 charactes" corresponding with twitters 140 max characters and the original goal number of artists required.
paintings were still arriving post opening night, & participations past 250!

more opening pictures here, one of the librarians was nice enough to post them. as davids porject caught quite a few eyes, there was a series of tv/radio/newspaper interviews pertainting to the exhibition. here's an article about the exhibition in a local newspaper. what? you dont say, you don't speak norwegan?!
you and me both!lol. news flash google translator is your friend ;)
Bravo David.

almost forgot :p
this is my piece

Sunday, November 21, 2010

color me free

I've been basically staring at this finished painting for the past week or so. khalas, your time's up. off my easel!


Monday, November 08, 2010

walk like egyptian!

this was inspired - i kid you not- by the news. ancient egyptian archaeological findings in wild wild arabia. I've had ancient art forms in the back of my mind for some time, this might just open a flood.

continous contouring again, i did a quick hand sketch then slapped some color with ps, that took ages. :s

little books for little ones

I made these postcard size pieces for a little book event.

I marbled these papers some time ago, mounted them on watercolor paper. Im all out of india ink so i had to make do with black acrylic :s

I was too hasty mounting the blue one, so it bubbled up some. I still think its the prettier one but bubbles are bothering me, might just send the pink.

* will tell you more if i make the deadline, had an awfully late start.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

tweet tweet!

messing around with birds. tweet, tweet!

word of wisdom: mess around on the right type of paper. darned if u don't end up liking the mess on the crappy copy paper, then u'll just want to kick ur self!
I'm too far gone to learn but save ur self!!


posting this piece slipped my mind.

If you've been following you know by now im crazy about Qais layla poems. Naturally there's no competing with the Majnoon's first hand accounts, still Bahraini poet Qassim Haddad does it so beautifully.
The poem i used here's one i particularly love "aan Qais" from Haddad's book "Akhbar Majnoon Layla"

عن قيس
عن الهوى يسكن الدار
عن شاعر صاغني في هواه
عن اللون والاسم والرائحة
عن الختم والفاتحة
كنت مثل السديم استوي في يديه
هداني إليه
برئت من الناس لما بكاني إليهم
زها بي وغنوا الأغاني بأشعاره
فما كان لي أن أقدر هل أشعلني أم طفاني
سأقول عن قيس
عن جنة بين عيني ضاعت
عن هواء أسعف الطير واستخف بنا واصطفانا
عن كلما هم بي تهت فيه
وباهيت كي نحتفي بالمزيج
غن العشق تلتاع فيه الحجاز
ويشغف في ضفتيه الخليج
سأقول عن قيس
عن حزنه القرمزي
عن الليل يتبع خطاه الوئيده


Friday, November 05, 2010

my darling angel

more contouring. Digital this time.
its so much easier to keep your hand steady on paper, a more natural feel.
continuous contour, well sort of, i cheated a little :p
*i miss this little angel. <3

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


well what do u know, i'm finally befriending my pencils an pens. not a hint of color in sight!
black's the it color! being a color freak that's quite the quantum leap.

this is very.... zen in a milk your creative juices sort of way.
lines lines lines, how i love you lines!

* p.s. yea,yea, i know, super excited. blah blah blah...

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Showing in Lebanon!

Im happy to have my work take part in the The House of Frida Exhibition.
The House of Frida is an art event that will be celebrating the art and life of mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It's to take place in Beirut, Lebanon over the span of 2 monthes. Offical opening is on 22nd October.
The event is put together by VAPA Association. and curated by art curator Sama Hawa.

organizers are hoping to turn Roof68 to a Beiruti version of La Casa Azul or the blue house Frida's home in Mexico.

next paragraph/update i nicked from events facebook page:

We would like to inform you that the gathering for artists contributing to the House of Frida event will take place on Saturday October 2nd while the official launch of the event and opening ceremony will be held on Friday October 22nd (by invitation only). Kindly contact us to book or purchase your tic...ket for the event following the date of the official opening (October 22nd).

We would like to thank you for your perseverence and hope to see you there.
Kindly note that we will update you soon with the list of contributing artists and partners of this event.

Best regards,
VAPA (Visual & Performing Arts Association)

Place of the event:
Ground 68 - Ground Floor – Al Shami Building – St. Louis St. – Achrafieh – Beirut – Lebanon

Contact details:
Mobile: 03-466764