Monday, December 06, 2010


i thought i'd get my hands wet on my new inks. im becoming quite the fan of gold.

as i ended up liking this piece, i regret not having used proper paper. its plain copy paper.

Im thinking of trying something similar on a large scale... or not! :p

we'll see tomorrow.

* lorca and his gypsy balads.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

twitter art exhibition- Moss Norway

this was really an awesome experience, i loved following davids' step by step updates right up till opening night.

so here's the thing, david's a swedish artist living in moss, norway. David realised the local library is short on children books & so thought up a solution to fund this shortage, a twitter charity art exhibition!

so he sent his tweet/call to artists to participate, and sure enough twittering artists were quick to answer & so postcard paintings start flying in from all over the world. (don't you just love that statue!)

the library was very excited with whole idea, and preped a wall for the exhibition,

Opening night was set for December 2nd, & all paintings price decided @ 32$ each. exhibition will run till the end of january.
opening sales huge success @ over 1400$, so yay i see some new children books in the horizon.

exhibition was called "140 charactes" corresponding with twitters 140 max characters and the original goal number of artists required.
paintings were still arriving post opening night, & participations past 250!

more opening pictures here, one of the librarians was nice enough to post them. as davids porject caught quite a few eyes, there was a series of tv/radio/newspaper interviews pertainting to the exhibition. here's an article about the exhibition in a local newspaper. what? you dont say, you don't speak norwegan?!
you and me both!lol. news flash google translator is your friend ;)
Bravo David.

almost forgot :p
this is my piece